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If you’ve made it here, then you’ve heard our podcast, and if you’ve heard our podcast, you MUST be curious on best practices for your business. There are so many books, and so much information out there in the world to help you become a better business owner, but who has that kind of time? You have an empire to build! Join us on a journey where we consolidate all of that information, share real world issues and resolutions, and help you become a success!

There’s a lot of business behind small business, so LET’S GET TO IT!


Published by Business Behind Small Business

We are two women business owners-one who has built to sell as a serial entrepreneur, and one who is building a company that can later be inherited. We're still growing, but have learned so much in our growth! Most importantly, how much business exists behind a small business, that can easily crush an unsuspecting new business owner. We provide strategy, tips, tools and platforms to help you grow with two different perspectives!

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