We are two women with two very different perspectives on building business, and the business behind that in order to achieve your goals. 

One of us built to sell, and will continue on the serial entrepreneur path, which means your focus and drive should include very particular tools and tips in order to achieve your goal.

The other, is building a generational business, one that can go on long after she’s let go of the wheel. This type of business also requires very specific tools and platforms to achieve this goal. 

There’s a lot of business behind small business, so let’s get to it!

Sevana Stone founded VersaTel Solutions with the idea that all businesses can benefit from one another-the relationship can be symbiotic, not necessarily competitive, and in the end, we all benefit from it. Her company has grown and transformed over the last 11 years, as has the climate and culture of her industry. She’s learned a lot along the way, and made mistakes she will tell anyone who will hear her to avoid. She adversely also followed her gut on many parts of the winding journey and created a company that is often regarded as one of the finest oiled machines they’ve ever seen. As a generational company, Sevana will continue to grow and change to fit the current climate of culture and need. Learn more about her and her company here.

Chloe Lee (byname of Tiffany Kao) is an entrepreneur who lives in constant awe of how business owners can take an idea from vision to execution. Having founded her first company in her 20s, which resulted in a successful M&A exit, with very little business experience and an “I can do this allllll by myself” attitude, she experienced a thing or two about egos, lessons learned, the daily grind, embracing discipline, gaining strategy, and finding authenticity and joy while on a journey to build something that no one has seen yet. She is currently working on her second start-up and hopes that by sharing her life experience, she can inspire new business owners and help fellow entrepreneurs feel a wee bit wiser and a little less lonely at the top.


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